We are not a bunch of random people. We are a family united for a common cause, more importantly, we are the ARMY.
There is no way to stop us.

BabyDogeARMY was created by BabyDoge lovers to bring together the largest and most beautiful community in history and show their true power.
In this direction, we will create the BabyDogeARMY Meeting dApp and a metaverse universe in which we exist with NFTs, each unique from the other. 


BabyDogeARMY Meeting dApp

BabyDogeARMY meeting dApp was created specifically to bring together millions of BabyDoge lovers and animal lovers around the world.
We are honored to come together with this loving community and to be the architects of thousands of happy stories.

Create, Play, Personalise, Earn In BabyDogeVERSE

BabyDogeVERSE World

Create, Play, Personalise, Earn In BabyDogeVERSE



We believe NFTs will change everything when it comes to gaming but current play to earn games are expensive, complicated and require a ton of resources and time to build.
With BabyDogeVERSE, we are focused on bringing fun, casual gaming and collecting eperiences to the blockchain in a cost effective manner so that everyone can participate.

Collect Them All

Once purchased, your BabyDoge Cubes will appear in your personal BabyDoge Backpack. From there, you control what to do next.

  1. Keep your BabyDoge Cubes unopened
  2. Unbox your BabyDoge Cubes to reveal your blister-packed toy
  3. Unwrap your toy and watch as your new friend comes to life

Enter In An Ever-Evolving World

The BabyDogeVERSE is constantly expanding with new toys, games, playsets, accessories and so much more.


You Can Track Us




Total Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 ARMY
%50 Supply burnt forever before launch
%45 of Total Supply added to PancakeSwap Liquidity
%5 of Total Supply reserved for Exchange Listings


Total Tax Fee %4 and cannot be changed.
2% fee of each transaction to marketing wallet.
2% fee of each transaction to BabyDogeARMY holders.


2% fee of each transaction is redistributed to BabyDogeARMY holders. That means you can earn more ARMY tokens by holding them in your wallet.


Majority of initial LP tokens locked along a year.

BabyDogeARMY Contract Adress:




Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4


Team Members

There are many more team members working in programming, web development, marketing,
HR management and tech recruitment to ensure the success of BabyDogeARMY.

BabyDogeARMY | Steve

BabyDogeARMY | Jack

BabyDogeARMY | Emily
Finance Director

BabyDogeARMY | Jacob
Marketing Manager